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Peter A. McKayThe #Web3Weekly newsletter is a personal project by Peter A. McKay, launched in 2017. In its early iteration, the newsletter was sometimes published on an occasional basis, under slightly different titles. Since fall 2019, it has run continuously as #Web3Weekly.

#Web3Weekly covers the movement toward a more decentralized internet, sometimes referred to as "web3." In doing so, we define decentralization broadly and try to make the topic accessible to both geeks and non-geeks alike.

Peter has worked in the web3 space for six years, with extensive experience in web2 and convential media before that. He served as the first Head of Content & Writer Development at Capsule Social, which built a decentralized social network on the NEAR Protocol. Previously, he also contributed to two whitepapers about blockchain technology for the World Economic forum and worked in marketing for several organizations creating Layer-1 blockchains.

From 1999 to 2010, Peter was a prize-winning markets reporter at the Wall Street Journal. He covered a variety of major global events, including the historic market crash of 2008 and the 9/11 attacks adjacent to the newspaper's headquarters. (The Journal's staff collectively won the Pulitzer Prize for the latter.) He is a distinguished alumnus of Florida A&M University's journalism school.